On Est Là!

On Est Là! is a talent agency for artists and professionals in the Québécois and Canadian entertainment industry. They focus on bridging the gap between the industry and underrepresented, diverse creatives by providing them with proper representation, resources and guidance.

The Mandate

Working as Six Cinquième production’s lead designer, the team and I strived to give them a new image that is trustworthy and welcoming and creates a sense of community in the hearts of the diverse talents.

The Approach

Knowing that the agency wanted to champion diversity in all its forms with a particular focus on indigenous people, we also paid homage to native professionals with the subtle use of a colour palette inspired by the medicine wheel.

Using the agency’s name as a reference point (“We are here” in French), we built a brand identity that doesn’t shy away from bringing attention to itself. With the use of playful typography and a bold icon, we wanted to convey the idea that “we”, the talented professionals from diverse communities, are not only here, but we are everywhere, we always have been and always will be, unapologetically.

The bold and sharp “exclamation” icon, which when rotated can also be interpreted as a megaphone, with a timeless yet modern sans serif font playfully used to represent diverse talents taking up the space they deserve.

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