Urban Element Zone

Urban Element Zone is the first dance studio in Montréal to specialize in street dance styles and has been a staple in the dance community for more than 20 years.

The Mandate

Working as The Study art director, the team and I strived to take their current branding a step further to maintain relevance.

The Approach

The new UEZ logo is a striking design that incorporates various design elements to create a unique and memorable visual identity. The choice of a bold sans-serif typeface conveys a sense of strength, modernity, and clarity, making it an excellent fit for the organization's branding.

The logo uses whitespace cleverly to create the “Z” inside the letter “E”. It is not only aesthetically pleasing but it is also an ode to the previous logo. This decision speaks to the brand's commitment to continuity and honouring its past while still moving forward.

The brand colours are black and white, which are the primary colours used in their logo and visual branding. These colours are classic, timeless, and offer a clean, sophisticated aesthetic that aligns with UEZ's brand image. Additionally, each dance type has a specific colour associated with it, which can be used as accent colours\. These accent colours are chosen to represent the unique qualities and characteristics of each dance type, helping to distinguish them from one another and reinforce their individual identities.

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